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 Use: PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Handwash System is used to wash your hands and sanitize your feet and footwear without using your hands.

 Built: Handsfree Handwash System is made up of superfine 304 Grade Surgical Stainless Steel. The tank capacity is 60 Liters and weight is between 20 to 23 kg. It is a hard wearing and very durable product.

 Design: The best example of scientific and practical design, PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Handwash System has very amazing features that guarantee complete sanitization.

 Finish: Handsfree Handwash System from the house of PNB Kitchenmate has flawless mirror polish and is a perfect example of intelligent design and good looks.

 Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser or Soap Dispenser:  Handsfree Handwash System is a complete product. It assures that you get to clean your hands properly and feet without touching anything.



 Hands Free Hand Washing Station:

 The saying that necessity is the mother of invention has proved to be true once again. PNB Kitchenmate has manufactured Handsfree Handwash System by keeping in mind the need of the hour. This handfree hand washing station is very practical in design. Today when complete sanitization is highly recommended and is the only way to keep ourselves safe from this deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), Hand Free Hand Wash will ensure that you do it perfectly. It comes with three amazing features:

 Press Foot For Soap: It comes with touch free sanitizer dispenser/Soap dispenser. By pushing a liver, you get soap to disinfect your hands.

 Press Foot For Water: In this hands free hand washing station you get water to rinse your hands by pressing foot on a liver.

 Sanitization Tray For Footwear: Now that you have disinfected your hands, it's time to sanitize your feet as well. By just stepping into this tray, your complete sanitation is ensured.

You can keep yourself and your family safe from the virus and germs now.

 Strong and Perfect Finish:

Handsfree Handwash System is made up of high quality stainless steel. It is very durable and resistant to corrosion. It’s flawless mirror polish adds to its handsome looks. Handsfree Handwash System is perfect for public places like hospitals, markets, restaurants, schools, metro stations etc.