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ABOUT US:  Shree Shakti Enterprises Private Limited is India’s leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of Quality Kitchenware & Tableware. Its leading brand PNB KITCHENMATE is renowned and acknowledged as a quality brand not only in the domestic rural and urban Indian market but is also well accepted and trusted in the international market.

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PNB KITCHENMATE has gained the recognition in countries like Srilanka, Russia and Dubai is trusted kitchenware and tableware brand that values quality and customer satisfaction above anything else.

OUR MISSION: Shree Shakti Enterprises wishes to become the one stop destination for your kitchenware and tableware requirements. We value our customers and are working with unwavering focus to produce and supply good quality products for the satisfaction of our Customers. We constantly strive to develop new user-friendly products and designs and keep on improving its existing range. SSEPL is committed to providing its dealers and end-users true value for their money

OUR VISION: Shree Shakti Enterprises Private Limited values its customers who have trusted us and have helped us in establishing ourselves as the leading kitchenware and tableware manufacturer and exporter. It is because of their trust that PNB KITCHENMATE is the household name now and our products can be seen in every Indian kitchen.



Shree Shakti Enterprises Private Limited is a family run company. Since its humble beginning in the year 1956 by Shri P. N. Bajaj, the company has not looked back. It is the result of nonstop hard work and sheer determination of the Bajaj family and each and every worker of Shree Shakti Enterprises that company has only tasted success right from the beginning and have experienced exponential growth in the last decade. With clear vision and devoted efforts Shree Shakti Enterprises Private Limited has grown to a company which has a sales turnover of over Rs. 1000 million (13.96 million USD). We launched our leading brand PNB launched in 1996 and have never looked back since. Today PNB Kitchenmate is known for durability and superior quality.

OUR EXPANSION AND GROWTH: Today PNB KITCHENMATE is known for the quality and versatility of its products. People associate innovation and value addition to the brand. Though the company entered the market as a bulk trader, it soon realized that manufacturing was the key if it wanted to offer quality products to its customers. For that, the prerequisite was to set up its own manufacturing facility to manufacture products under stringent quality control using the best quality steel. This resulted in a phenomenal rise in its growth.


Today SSEPL has set up a vast state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in HSIIDC Kundli, Sonepat, Haryana. This facility stands testimony to its commitment to quality and impeccable work ethics. A core team of experienced and technically qualified personnel is led by management. The raw material is sourced from the most reputed companies. There is a fully equipped tool room for product development.




 We have product distribution in 11 states and union territories which includes: Himachal Pradesh, Punjab,  Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Assam and Gujarat.

OUR TEAM: Shree Shakti Enterprises Private Limited comprises of 180 dedicated, hardworking and honest team members, which includes 15 technical engineers and 157 skilled workers. The top management details are given below:




Shri Rakesh Bajaj

Managing Director

45 years of experience including managing and running the company

Shri Rajesh Bajaj

Managing Director

35 years of experience in the areas related to Purchase, Marketing and Sales

Shri Rajiv Bajaj

Managing Director

25 years of experience focussing on Production, Purchase and Finance

Shri Rahul Bajaj

Managing Director

14 years of experience related to Marketing, Finance and Sales

Shri Aakash Bajaj

Plant Head

5 years of experience in the areas related to Purchase and Production

Shri Atul Bajaj

Plant Head

3 years of experience with main focus on Production

Our Client Portfolio:  Apart from ruling the Indian kitchenware and tableware market with our 60 distributors and 8000 dealers and establishing ourselves in the overseas markets of Moscow, Dubai and Sri Lanka. Walmart India Pvt. Ltd., Metro Cash & Carry, Flipkart India Pvt.Ltd. are our top three clients.

Our Products:

PNB Kitchenmate is your one stop destination for all the kitchenware and tableware. From heavy cookware to cutlery and serving tools we manufacture them all and that too in every quality that you can expect. We would like to give you a sneak to the range and quality of products that you can expect under the brand PNB KITCHENMATE.


  • Stainless Steel Cookware
    • Pressure Cookware
  • Triply Cookware
  • Encapsulated Bottom Cookware
  • Aluminium Cookware
    • Non-stick Cookware
    • Hard Anodized Cookware
    • Pressure Cookware

Serveware: Beautifully designed and perfectly assembled dinner sets, kitchen sets and individual serve ware.

Thermo Craft

OUR HUMANITARIAN ASSOCIATIONS: We feel highly honoured to be associated with Institutions like ANAMIRTA, ISKON and many others. We make the products as per their customized needs and requirements.