Thousands of lives around the world. No medicines, no treatment and the only prevention is social distancing and Handsfree-Handwash.

The whole world today is facing the deadly challenge of the pandemic called COVID-19. It has not only put public health in danger but has also hit the global economy to a great extent. According to the UN Secretary-General, after World War II it was the worst ever crisis. Until now, this deadly virus has claimed countless lives. The worst thing is that the number is only increasing day by day. The only way to keep ourselves safe and secure is to maintain social distancing and complete sanitization. Today, when our government is taking all the possible steps to ensure our safety and we Indians are also cooperating well with the government by following our government's guidelines, PNB Kitchenmate also decided to help the nation in this testing times and manufactured Handsfree Handwash System that ensures complete hands free sanitization.



Handsfree Handwash System has been designed to provide a solution to the current problem of spreading the virus through our hands. It comes with all the necessary features to allow you to sanitize your hands without touching the soap bottle or the tap. The government has also acknowledged the importance of Handsfree Handwash System in the fight against Corona Virus and has made its installation of sanitization products in all the organizations. Let’s get to know how Handsfree Handwash System  works and how effective it is in this article but before that let’s know a bit about Corona Virus, the facts and the myths and the importance of hand wash and sanitization in the fight against Corona Virus.


Corona Virus Facts:

COVID 19 originated and was recognized in the Wuhan City of China in December 2019. After that, this virus has spread like a wild-fire across the world and today, unfortunately, most of the countries have fallen prey to it. The Corona Virus outbreak took place four months ago, the medical world has still not come up with any kind of effective medicine or treatment for COVID 19.

Though the scientists have carried out extensive studies on Corona Virus, the common people still don’t know much about it.


Let's have a look at some of the Corona Virus facts:

  • There is no effective or specific vaccination or medicine for COVID-19 yet, the only help that the diagnosed people can get is the supportive care that helps them breathe.
  • US and China are already conducting the first clinical trials of the Corona Virus vaccine, but the launch time of vaccines has not yet been disclosed.
  • According to the studies one Corona Virus infected person can pass on the infection to approximately two to three people or more.
  • Coronovirus can affect old people, those with weak immunity, and people who are suffering from medical problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc.
  • In recent studies it has been found that the Corona Virus survives only for 3 hours in air through the droplets released by the infected person in the air.
  • The WHO recommends using face masks, social distancing and complete sanitization to prevent Corona Virus. Using the face masks alone will not guarantee protection against COVID-19, we must make Handsfree Handwash our habit.



How Can You Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19:

  • Wash and sanitize your hands often. Using soap and water is the best option, however you can also use an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Maintain social distancing. Keep distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Don’t cover your mouth and nose with your palms while you sneeze; use your bent elbow or a tissue instead. Handsfree Handwash System to sanitize your hands.
  • Stay home stay safe.
  • Don’t ignore fever,cough, or difficulty in breathing, seek quick medical help.
  • Follow all the directions issued by the government and your local health authority.
  • Avoiding unnecessary visits to the hospital and the doctors, so that the healthcare system can operate more effectively and protect us.

Complete Handwashing: The Best Prevention

Washing hands regularly and properly can prevent the spread of most of the respiratory and diarrheal infections. You can get the germs and viruses from other infected people or surfaces when you:

  • Touch your eyes, nose, and mouth without washing your hands
  • Cook or eat food and drinks without washing your hands
  • Touch contaminated objects or surfaces
  • Cough, sneeze or blow your nose into palms or hands and then touch the objects or other people’s hands


Though most of us know that we should keep our hands clean and wash them often but it’s importance has increased in the current scenario when it has become almost compulsory to protect ourselves from Corona Virus. 

Washing and sanitizing your hands is no rocket science and we all know that it’s one of the most necessary and effective ways to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Cleaning hands can check the spread of germs from one person to another. You can save your entire community,  your home, your workplace, the schools, parks and hospitals from Corona Virus by simply washing and sanitizing your hands.



You just need to follow these steps everytime you wash your hands:

  • Place your hands under running water (warm or cold) to wet your hands
  • Apply soap.
  • Rub your hands together with the soap and lather them properly. Don’t rush to rinse them, take time to lather the backs of your hands, between your thumbs and fingers, under your nails and your palms.
  • Scrub your hands well for 20 seconds or more. Rub every corner of your hands.
  • Now, rinse your hands properly under clean, running water.
  • Use a dry and clean towel to dry your hands.


Handsfree-Handwash: The Need Of The Moment

No one would have thought about handsfree Handwashing if we would not have faced the threat of Corona Virus. As we all know by now, Corona Virus majorly spreads through touch and breath, hence washing our hands more properly and regularly has become the need of the hour. We clean our hands properly with soap and water but what if that soap bottle and the tap had been touched by an infected person.

          In that case, just washing your hands is not enough, you need to wash and sanitize them without touching any equipment. And PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree-Handwash system allows you to do the same. This simple but very practical and intelligently designed product from the house of PNB Kitchenmate is armed with very special features that has made Handsfree Handwash possible for us. Let’s see how:


  • With Handsfree-Handwash system, you get a touch-free sanitizer dispenser. You just need to press foot to get soap
  • The Handsfree-Handwash system’s basin has a touch free tap under which you can rinse your hands. Just press your foot to get water and raise your hands properly.
  • To sanitize your feet or footwear, you will need to step into the footwear tray.
  • You are now completely sanitized and it’s safe for you to enter your house or workplace.
  • Made up of Surgical Stainless Steel this Handsfree-Handwash System is the perfect way to complete sanitization.                                      

Handsfree-Handwash: A Must For The Public Places

Now that we are following the lockdown and are keeping ourselves safe in our houses, it is easy to maintain sanitization. But what about the public places? How can you keep yourself away from touching the infected surfaces? Your workstations, the metro seats, the buses handles, the doors of your classroom, the seats in the waiting area, the table of your favorite restaurant anything and everything can become the carrier of this deadly virus. This is because public spaces play an important role in the social life of communities and we cannot control few things in the society.

 Hence, other than getting Handsfree-Handwash System for your homes, it’s installation in the public places is more important so that everyone who enters or exits any public place sanitizes their hands properly. This will ensure that no one spreads or gets the virus by touching the surfaces. By using Handsfree-Handwash System, neither you receive any germs from the equipment nor you leave any for others and in this way you not only keep yourself secure but also ensure the safety of other people.

The government took no time to understand the importance of Hands-HandWash in the current situation. It has emphasized on touch free hand wash and has regulated all the organizations to install Handsfree-Handwash System. And everyone is praising this decision because we all know that if we want to win this battle against Corona Virus we must make Handsfree-Handwash System our ally.

PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree-Handwash System is available in two designs and both are equally effective. You don’t need to step out and buy it; just dial PNB Kitchenmate’s toll free number 1800 2 125 125 and place your order from the comfort of your home.