Washing your hands with soap and water won’t serve the purpose, we need handsfree handwashing stations like PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Handwash System to win the battle against Corona Virus.


Who is not worried about the increasing number of Corona Virus patients today? The world is living its worst nightmare. The fact that there is no treatment or vaccine for this pandemic has left mankind helpless like never before. WHO has released the guidelines that everyone must take all the necessary precautions globally if we want to control the situation.  Almost every country is locked down now to maintain social distancing.


However, Handwashing remains the top prevention tip for Corona Virus (COVID-19). The concept is not that difficult to understand, all you need is some common sense. We have to relearn how to wash our hands properly and thoroughly with soap and water. And if you are travelling and can’t have access to soap and water then you must clean your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer. However, these tough times require some intelligent efforts like handsfree handwashing stations from our side. We will discuss that later, but let’s first get to know what is proper handwashing and how it can protect us from Corona Virus.


Why Is Handwashing Important:

The Corona Virus spread is a serious threat to humanity. Number of COVID-19 patients is increasing everyday. Amidst such fears, the government had to take the difficult step of lockdown and has advised everyone to avoid public gatherings because Corona Virus spreads easily by coming into contact with an infected person. The most common symptoms of Corona Virus are cough, shortness of breath, cold, sneezing, fatigue, sore throat and difficulty in breathing.


Whenever a Corona Virus patient coughs or sneezes he releases the tiny droplets into the air which can carry the virus in them. Inhaling those droplets with the air or touching any object or contaminated surfaces can lead to the Corona Virus infection. That is the reason why, it is very important to follow basic hygiene if we want to keep ourselves safe from this deadly virus. It is easy to maintain complete hygiene at home but at public places and while traveling outside your house it becomes very difficult. You knowingly and unknowingly touch various objects and surfaces throughout the day and hence the chance of catching the virus are higher. Hand washing is the first basic step that you must take to avoid getting infection. Washing hands with water and soap and using alcohol-based sanitizers in the absence of soap is the best practice to avoid contact with the virus. Using touch free soap dispensers or handsfree handwashing stations like Handsfree Handwash System can help you a great deal in this.


Proper Handwashing: Simplest way for improved health

Proper handwashing can help us a great deal in not only reducing the spread of Corona Virus but it can also prevent the spread of various other communicable and viral infections such as cold and flu. Proper hand washing is also necessary to reduce the risk of getting infected by some other easily spreadable infections such as SARS and MERS.

The five simple steps of Handwashing:

Handwashing is no rocket science but sadly most of us still don’t know how to wash our hands properly. Let’s have a look at the five simple steps of handwashing.

  • Wet both your hands by placing them under clean, running water.
  • Next step is to lather your hands. Take soap or handwash and apply it generously to the palms fingers and back of your hands and at your fingertips as well. Don’t rush to rinse your hands but spend at least 20 seconds in applying the soap properly. Don’t forget to apply it under jewelry and on and inside your fingernails. You must take special care of your fingertips and apply soap properly on them. This is because we often put our fingers on our face, nose, and eyes and spread the virus.
  • After the lather you will now need to scrub your hands. Rub your hands together and scrub your palms and the back of your hand and fingers with the help of your fingertips. Move them around both your hands.
  • Now is the time to rinse your hands properly. Hold your hands under the clean running water and gently and thoroughly wash away the soap.
  • Use a clean towel or a disposable towel to wipe and dry your hands. It is best to use a paper towel in the public places to avoid receiving or leaving germs on towels. Air dryers are also very effective.


Washing Your Hands Frequently Is Necessary:

Though washing your hands frequently everyday is necessary but it becomes more important during an outbreak of communicable diseases or infections.


We must wash our hands:

  • After using the bathroom at home or in the public places.
  • After shaking hands with someone, especially during virus outbreaks or flu season.
  • Before and after eating food.
  • Before and washing and cutting vegetables or fruits.
  • Before, during, and after preparing food.
  • Before dressing or caring for a cut or wound.
  • Before and after attending or taking care of a sick person especially if that person is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea.
  • After coming back from any public place like a grocery store or park etc.
  • After cleaning up a child who has used the toilet or after changing the diapers.
  • After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.
  • After touching or playing with an animal, or touching an animal feed and cleaning animal waste.
  • After touching or carrying garbage or touching any dirty thing.
  • After taking out and putting on your shoes.
  • After touching public surfaces, workstations at your workplace and using public computers, touching public tables and countertops, cash and coins, other people’s phones, etc.


Soap or Sanitizer:

If we compare between soap and sanitizers, soap is more effective and washing hands with soap and water gives us the best results. However, in public places where soap and water are unavailable you can use hand alcohol-based hand sanitizers. They are also very helpful in protecting against the germs and viruses. You can use hand sanitizers while using public transportation and toilets. Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer helps you to clean and sanitize your hands in such places. You can also use it in restaurants and dhabas before having your meals. Using hand sanitizers is as easy as carrying them. Just take a few drops of hand sanitizer and rub it properly on your hand, across your fingers and back of your hands for a few seconds and you are all good to go.


But, taking in concern the spread of Corona Virus using soaps, water and hand sanitizers solely will be of no use. To counter this unfortunate condition we will have to act more smart. Using the touch free soap dispensers and handsfree hand washing stations like PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Handwash System is the need of the moment. 

Things to remember:

  • Always wash your hands with clean and running water. Washing your hands by submerging them in a basin or any other utensil will be of no use as germs will still be there in that water and you won’t get rid of them.
  • Don't touch faucets, toilet flush handles or door knobs and handles after washing your hands. Use a paper towel, a glove or any other piece of clothing to do so in order to protect your hands from germs.
  • Don’t leave hand sanitizer unattended if you have small children because hand sanitizers are poisonous and kids may drink it.

Why Use PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Handwash System:

As we discussed above we need smart hygiene solutions today if we want to protect ourselves from COVID-19. Washing hands with soaps and water or using sanitizers alone would be of little help. We all know by now that we need to take preventive measures like maintaining social distance, wearing masks, avoiding touching our nose, face, eyes or mouth with our hands, cleaning and sanitizing the objects and surfaces regularly and washing our hands as frequently as we can.

But even after taking the above precautions, chances of getting the virus are still high if we use the regular soaps, water taps or hand sanitizers because the water droplets carrying the virus might settle on them. Hence to guarantee complete sanitization we need touch free sanitizer dispensers and handsfree handwashing stations like PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree HandWash System.

Handsfree Handwash System has been designed by keeping in mind the requirement of handsfree sanitization in the current situation. For example, you don’t need to touch the soap bottle or water tap to get soap and water. All you need to do is press your foot on the handles below the basin and you will receive soap and water to wash and clean your hands.

 Handsfree Handwash System from the house of PNB Kitchenmate is made up of 304 surgical stainless steel that makes it very tough, durable and corrosion free. The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs have acknowledged the importance of Handsfree Handwash system and has made its installation mandatory for all the organizations.


Touch free sanitization is very necessary to reduce the spread of Corona Virus. PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Handwash System has been received well all over India because everyone along with the government has understood its importance in the battle against Corona Virus.