Bullet Points:


  • Sanitize your hands as and when needed with PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Sanitizer, you can place it in any corner, occupies very little space
  • Very compact in size, Handsfree Sanitizer is very light in weight as it only weighs 5-7 kgs, you can carry and move it easily
  • Made up of Mild Steel, PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Sanitizer is very strong and durable, Very intelligent in design, it is very compact in shape and size.
  • Handsfree Sanitizer, a touch free sanitizer dispenser, helps you to clean and sanitize your hands in the comfort of your room or cabin
  • Frequent hand sanitization is a must now, and Handsfree Sanitizer promises to help you out with that.



Handsfree Sanitizer:


Handsfree Sanitizer from the house of PNB Kitchenmate is a very smart and intelligently designed touch free sanitizer dispenser. Just like PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Handwash System, Handsfree Sanitizer has also been designed to ensure our safety from Coronavirus. As we all know that there is no vaccine or treatment of COVID-19 till now. It is necessary to take all the precautions like maintaining social distance, wearing masks and gloves and washing and sanitizing our hands as frequently as we can. While Handsfree Handwash System, the touch free soap dispenser and basin, helps you to wash and clean your hands, the Handsfree Sanitizer is a very compact system that helps you to sanitize your hands in the comfort of your room or your office cabin.


Light In Weight And Touch Free  Sanitizer Dispenser:

Very easy to install, PNB Kitchenmate’s Handsfree Sanitizer weighs only 5-7 kgs. It is very practical in design and appropriate in size. Handsfree Sanitizer is very strong and durable. It takes very little space. You can place it in any corner of your room, office, factory or organization so that you don’t need to rush to the washroom whenever you touch something or you need to sanitize your hands. Instead of using your hands to get sanitizer, you press your feet on a handle, just like Handsfree Handswash System. Handsfree Sanitizer is very affordable in price.


Need of the moment, PNB Kitchenmate's Handsfree Sanitizer is a very intelligent solution for our sanitization needs today. It's installation in your homes, workplaces, societies and at public places will surely prove to be of great help in this battle against Coronavirus.